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Magistrate Myron (Mike) Thompson

Common Pleas Courthouse
345 South High Street, Courtroom 6D
Columbus, OH 43215
Magistrate for Judge Mark Serrott and Judge Christopher Brown.
This Courtroom has an Audio/Video Digital Recording System.

Phone: (614) 525-3660
Direct: (614) 525-5320
Facsimile: (614) 525-5298

Professionalism, decorum, and punctuality expected at all times.
On assigned matters greater than 18 months in age (from the date the first pleading is filed), approval by the referring Judge is required.
Amendment to Case Scheduling Order
All proposed revisions to the case scheduling order must be approved by the referring Judge, although the Magistrate is willing to assist in this process.
Damages Hearings
Matters referred for a hearing on damages allow for an opportunity to introduce evidence and argument in support thereof. Affidavits are accepted only upon showing of hardship or unavailability of the affiant.
Mediation briefs or party positions are not required. If timely submitted in advance of the mediation conference, they shall be reviewed as background for the mediator.
Objections to Magistrate’s Decision
Governed exclusively by Civil Rule 53 and Local Rule 99.

Final Pre-Trial Conferences
Available on request, or as assigned. Final Pre-Trial Conferences may address the use of stipulations, exhibits, settlement discussions, and any other measures to make trial time more efficient.
Pre-marked exhibits are preferred. Unless otherwise stipulated or instructed, plaintiffs should employ letters, while defendants should use numbers.
Motions in Limine
Motions in limine will be ruled upon by the Magistrate contemporaneous with trial.
Method for Voir Dire
The Magistrate will inquire with respect to the statutory “for cause” questions set forth in R.C. 2313.42. Counsel/parties will then be afforded an opportunity to fully examine the panel of prospective jurors (not just the first 8 “in the box”). Challenges will be made outside of the presence of the jury.
Jurors are pulled in accordance with the protocol of the Jury Commission and in a manner identical to jury trials assigned to the Judges of the Common Pleas Court.