Civil Practice Guidelines


  • Please contact opposing counsel before contacting me about any issue. Please copy opposing counsel on any email or correspondence.
  • When you settle a case, please contact me so that another matter can be scheduled in that time slot.
  • If you are not an attorney and you are representing yourself, please note that Ohio law requires that you be held to the same standard as an attorney and that you follow the rules of evidence and civil procedure.
  • Attorneys and clients are not permitted to appear by telephone absent extraordinary circumstances and approval in advance.
  • Please provide your email address on all documents filed with the court.

Status Conferences

Upon request, an in-person or telephone status conference can be scheduled.

Motions / Briefs

Please make sure you send copies to me.


Continuances are granted by the court and not by agreement of the parties. Approval of the referring Judge may be required for a continuance. Please do not wait to the last minute to request a continuance, in order to avoid disruption of the court schedule.

Damages Hearings

Please be aware that these are evidentiary hearings, and the rules of evidence apply. Please be prepared to have a witness present testimony and documentation to justify your request for damages.

Evidentiary Hearings

Each side should be prepared with witnesses and documentation.


Mediation statements are not required, but will be reviewed if filed. Party representatives and adjustors are expected to attend, absent extraordinary circumstances and approval in advance. If either side is unwilling to negotiate, please let me know in advance.


Final Pre-Trial Conferences / Final Pre-Trial Orders

I do not normally schedule a final pre-trial, but one can be scheduled upon request.


Please pre-mark, with letters for Plaintiff and numbers for Defendant.


Stipulations are encouraged.

Motions in Limine

Motions in Limine are addressed at the appropriate time during trial.

Method for Voir Dire

I do not set formal time limits, but I encourage counsel to avoid chatting with panel members about personal lives. Attorneys voir dire the entire panel of 18, then exercise challenges outside the presence of the panel.

Jury Instructions

Please have a version of the jury instructions in Word that can be edited. Counsel will be expected to work together to produce one set of jury instructions, with a list of any issues that cannot be resolved.