Civil Practice Guidelines

I. General

Be prepared to proceed on the date of your trial/hearing/mediation. If you require a continuance, please file a motion at the earliest possible opportunity.  

If an attorney or party wishes to appear by remote technology, or if an attorney or party wishes to present a witness by remote technology, the attorney or party must file a motion and support the motion with reasons for the request.  No one may appear through remote technology unless the Magistrate has approved the request in advance.

II. Professionalism

Be courteous and civil.

III. Continuances

Continuances are granted for good cause.

IV. Mediation / Settlement

Mediation conferences are encouraged and are scheduled if requested by the parties or upon the Court’s order.

V. Videotape / DVD Playback

An evidence cart may be reserved for DVD/video playback.

VI. Final Pre-Trial Conferences / Final Pre-Trial Orders

Final pre-trial conferences are scheduled if the parties request them. Final pre-trial orders are issued for all jury trials.

VII. Exhibits

Please mark the Plaintiff’s exhibits and joint exhibits with identification numbers. Please mark the Defendant’s exhibits with identification letters.

VIII. Stipulations

Stipulations are appreciated and encouraged.

IX. Motions in Limine

For a jury trial, please bring motions in limine to my attention prior to trial.

X. Method for Voir Dire

Attorneys voir dire the entire panel of 18 potential jurors, then exercise challenges out of their presence.