Term of Service / Compensation

Term of Service

Regular petit (trial) jury service in the Court of Common Pleas is limited to one week of jury pool service or, if selected, the duration of one jury trial. Most jury trials are completed in 3 to 5 business days. It is possible that your service may carry over into the following week if you are seated on a trial and that trial is not finished by the end of the week. Most cases, however, finish by end of day Friday.

Jury Pool

There are currently 17 judges and 8 magistrates on the bench. Each judge has a docket of between 8 and 20 cases per day. Any case set for trial could result in the need for a jury panel to be sent to the courtroom. Therefore, we must have a jury pool available on site.

Once we know that all dockets have been completed and that no new jury panels are needed, we will release the jury pool for the day. This usually falls between 2 and 4 p.m. We will make every effort to release the jury pool as early in the day as possible while still taking into consideration the needs of the Court.

Call to Serve

In some instances, jurors are called in to serve on only one particular case. Your jury summons and orientation material will be very clear as to how long or with which group you have been called to serve.


You will receive a per diem of $20 for each day that you are required to serve. Checks are issued approximately 30 days from the last day of service and sent to your home address.

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