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Judge Colleen O'Donnell

Common Pleas Courthouse, Courtroom 4F
345 S. High St., 4th Floor
Tel: 614-525-7200
Fax: 614-525-4641
Local Rules
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Who to call . . .when you need . . .

Rachel D. Cook
general court info; to report settlement of a civil case; to schedule a classroom visit to the courtroom.

Sheana Mershon
to inquire about procedures and processes in ANY criminal matters before the court.

Katie Saks
Staff Attorney
to request a status conference or to inquire about ANY pending civil matters before the court.

Patti Harrison
Court Support Services Coordinator
to order transcripts.

Elizabeta P. Saken
to inquire about scheduling mediation, magistrate trials, or damages hearings.

Civil Litigation Preferences
(for info on criminal procedures and preferences, please call the Judge’s bailiff)
Contact Staff Attorney Katie Saks 614-525-5994
Status Conferences
Contact Staff Attorney Katie Saks
Contact Staff Attorney Katie Saks
Motion Practice
Contact Staff Attorney Katie Saks
Contact Staff Attorney Katie Saks
Settlement Conferences
Contact Staff Attorney Katie Saks
  • If the parties wish to mediate, they shall inform the Court by the discovery cut-off date that they have scheduled a date with a private mediator OR that they are requesting mediation with the Court’s Magistrate. Plaintiff’s counsel shall notify the court in writing whether the mediation was successful, within forty-eight (48) hours of its completion. Any requests for mediation made after this deadline shall require a showing of extraordinary circumstances.
Continuances or Amended Case Schedules
Contact Staff Attorney Katie Saks
  • Cell phones must be turned OFF (not vibrate) in the Courtroom.
  • Counsel shall pre-mark and exchange all exhibits before trial begins.
  • All proposed jury instructions are due on or before the date of the Final Pre-Trial conference
  • Each party shall have one hour for voir dire, unless an extended period is requested and the Court determines it is warranted.
  • Parties are encouraged to visit the courtroom in advance of trial to familiarize themselves with the technology for displaying evidence.

Criminal----------Bailiff Sheana Mershon 614-525-5885 E-Mail
Civil---------------Staff Attorney Katie Saks 614-525-5994 E-Mail