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Adult Probation


Our Purpose is to assist in the protection of the community by safely and effectively supervising probationers and pre-trial reporters at the most appropriate level to affect habilitation or rehabilitation. Compliance with court ordered conditions will be positively reinforced while holding individuals accountable for violations through the continuum of sanctions. All divisions of the department work collaboratively to provide quality, professional services to the Court and community.
Probation Lobby


The Adult Probation Department works with the Court to establish policies and procedures, which provide staff an understanding of the department’s purpose.

Highly trained staff members are proud to conduct themselves responsibly, professionally and with integrity.

Staff members are committed to existing programs and the development of new programs that contribute to the success of probationers and pre-trial reporters.

Department employees assist in the fair administration of justice by providing accurate and timely communication to the Court.

All staff members work to promote a climate of cooperation and mutual respect.

All staff members are committed to the provision of effective supervision for individuals under Court supervision by:

  • Utilization of appropriate and effective community resources to facilitate behavior modification.
  • Ensuring that individuals have a clear understanding of their conditions of supervision and provide consistent supervision through face-to-face community and collateral contacts.
  • Reinforcing law-abiding behavior and compliance with conditions with a belief that individuals are capable of change and success.
  • Setting a positive example.
  • Holding offenders accountable for violation of probation through the continuum of sanctions.

Staff members have a duty to respond to the needs of victims by collecting restitution and providing pertinent information in accordance with restorative justice principles.

Efforts to improve the department’s effectiveness are continually pursued.
Contact Information

Franklin County Adult Probation
369 South High St. 4th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 525-3700

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