The new Franklin County Courthouse, scheduled for completion in 2010, will be the first LEED-certified building in the State of Ohio. Click here to learn more.The Franklin County Court of Common Pleas is a stong supporter of Green initiatives. Click here to learn more.

Go Green Initiatives

Building Orientation
East / West - maximize daylight potential
Alternative Transportation
Urban campus - Municipal bus stop within 200 yds.
Bicycle storage and showers
Preferred parking for Hybrid & Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Storm water Management
Rain Garden to percolate storm water into site
Heat Island Effect Reduction
Public plaza and sub-grade parking
Green Roof
Light Roofing Materials
Light Pollution Reduction
Landscape Light Fixture Selection
Water Efficient Landscaping
Drought Resistant Plants
Water Use Reduction
Efficient fixture selection
Low Flush Fixtures
Dual Flush Fixtures
HVAC Systems – Energy Optimization
Condenser Water Reheat Chiller Bundle
Non-Chemical water treatment for Cooling Towers
Heat Pipe Heat recovery
Evaporative Type humidification versus steam boilers
Low-temp high efficiency boiler for building heating
Distributed Chilled Water Loop Central Plant
Lighting Systems
Lighting will beat Code by over 25%
Daylight Harvesting - take advantage of natural daylight designed into bldg.
Eco-Lighting system - photocell motion detectors for lighting and HVAC
Measurement and Verification
Digital Control monitoring system
Building Envelope
High Performance Windows
Sun screens minimize unwanted solar heat gain
Construction Waste Management
Project goal to Divert 50% to 75% of Waste from Landfill
Material Selection
High Recycled Content
Regional Materials
Low-Emitting Materials
Sustainable material selection with low VOC content
Low VOC paint
Thermal Comfort
Sun shading devices to minimize solar gain
Daylight and Views
East / West - maximize daylight potential
Optimized Window / Exterior Wall to maximize views and daylighting
Long narrow plan for daylighting into major spaces
Views from all administrative spaces (not possible in courts)
Integrated Design Approach
BIM Tools - Systems & Envelope Design Optimization.
Clash Detection
Building Envelope Optimization
Produced 200 Cooling Ton Reduction
Building Mechanical / Electrical Systems Optimization
High Efficiency HVAC, Lighting & Water Systems
Total First Cost (Construction Cost) Reduction
Total Energy/Utility Cost Savings
$110,000 - $130,000 Annually