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Magistrate Pamela S. Erdy

Common Pleas Courthouse
345 South High Street, Courtroom 3D, 3rd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Magistrate for Civil Stalking Protection Orders for all Judges
This Courtroom has an Audio/Video Digital Recording System.

Marianne Royal, CSPO Support Staff: (614) 525-3603
Direct (optional): (614) 525-4282
Facsimile: (614) 525-6292

Litigants are expected to act in a respectful manner. Please refer to the Magistrate as your honor, sir/ma'am or your magistrate.
Courtroom Decorum and Dress
All litigants are expected to wear appropriate attire in the courtroom. No shorts or t-shirts are allowed. Shoes are required. Parties are to have no contact with the other party or the other parties’ witnesses outside of the courtroom.
Do not bring young children to court. Please obtain a babysitter prior to any hearings. Children will not be allowed in the courtroom as all matters are tape recorded and the court must not be interrupted.
Requests for Continuances
Continuances may be requested in order to obtain additional information, witness or for a party to hire an attorney. Typically, a case will only be continued once, and the parties should thereafter be prepared to go forward with a full hearing.
Pro se Litigants (unrepresented by an attorney) and Useful Information
Please bring to the full hearing verifiable police reports that are certified by the division that the report was made (not the unofficial website for the police). You may go to the specific police station with which you made a report and request a certified copy of the police report. You may also obtain a certified copy of any pending criminal charges or case information from the Criminal Clerk of Courts with the City of Columbus and/or the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Clerk of Courts, Criminal Division.
You may subpoena any witnesses you wish to be present at the full hearing. Subpoenas are available at the Franklin County Clerk of Courts, Civil Division, located on the 3rd floor of 369 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Signed affidavits will not be accepted. Witnesses must appear in court for their testimony to be considered. Please be advised that there may be a fee imposed for this service.
Evidentiary Hearings
Please be prepared for the full evidentiary hearing. Please be specific about dates and times of any incidents about which you may testify.
Options shall be provided for consideration of the parties at the date of the hearing. If a party wants legal advice they should obtain an attorney prior to the evidentiary hearing.
Recording Equipment, Text Messages, Video Camera Tapes, Voice Messages, etc.
All information provided to the court may become public record. The parties are responsible for bringing the proper equipment to court to play voice messages, videotapes, etc. Text messages should be printed from a computer onto a paper copy for the court’s convenience – please be aware that a party’s phone could be taken into evidence if proper support of evidence is needed. Parties should make copies of voice messages and digital pictures for the court’s consideration.
A time stamped copy (by the Franklin County Clerk of Courts, Civil Division) of all motions should be delivered to the judge and magistrate when filed as a matter of courtesy.
Please make copies of all exhibits a litigant wishes to present to the court prior to the full evidentiary hearing. All exhibits are made public record if presented to the court and the exhibit is made part of the record and/or file. (You will not get the exhibit back if admitted for purposes of the hearing and/or record).
Objections to Magistrate’s Decision
Pursuant to Civil Rule 53.