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Magistrate Pamela Broer Browning

Common Pleas Courthouse
345 South High Street, Courtroom 4C
Columbus, OH 43215
Magistrate for Judge Stephen McIntosh and Judge Jeffrey Brown
This Courtroom has an Audio/Video Digital Recording System.

Direct dial: (614) 525-3117
Facsimile: (614) 525-3868

Be prepared to proceed on the date of your trial or hearing. If you require a continuance, please file a motion at the earliest possible opportunity.
Be courteous and civil at all times.
Courtroom Decorum and Dress
Dress appropriately. If you have to ask, then your attire probably is not appropriate.
Granted for good reasons.
Always encouraged.
Videotape/DVD Playback
The Magistrates’ office does not have this equipment, so arrange for your own equipment and professional videographer if you need to play a deposition.

Final Pre-Trial Conferences/Final Pre-Trial Orders
Final pre-trial conferences are scheduled if the parties request them. Final pre-trial orders are issued if necessary.
Please mark Plaintiff’s exhibits and joint exhibits with identification numbers. Please mark Defendant’s exhibits with identification letters. When in doubt, please allow the court reporter to mark your exhibits.
Always appreciated and encouraged.
Motions in Limine
For a jury trial, please bring motions in limine to my attention prior to trial.
Method for Voir Dire
Attorneys voir dire the entire panel of 18 potential jurors, then exercise challenges out of their presence.