The new Franklin County Courthouse, scheduled for completion in 2010, will be the first LEED-certified building in the State of Ohio. Click here to learn more.The Franklin County Court of Common Pleas is a stong supporter of Green initiatives. Click here to learn more.

Judge Jaiza N. Page

Common Pleas Courthouse, Courtroom 3E
345 S. High St., 3rd Floor
Columbus, Oh 43215
Term Expires: January 2025
Fax: 614-525-5888
Local Rules
Clerk of Courts' on-line records

Who to call . . .when you need . . .

Kaila Hawk
To inquire about general court info
To report that the parties have reached a settlement in a civil case
To call-in for a telephone status conference
To schedule a classroom visit to the courtroom

Fayth McCallum
To ask procedural questions on any criminal matters before the Court
To request a continuance
To schedule a status conference
To request referral to Magistrate for mediation and/or trial

Isaac J. Rinsky
Staff Attorney
To check on status of pending civil actions and/or motions
To ask procedural questions on any civil matters before the Court
To report that the parties are engaging in settlement (even if one not reached yet) and address
how that may impact any pending motions
To request a status conference

Jo-Retta Grooms, RPR
Court Reporter
To order transcripts

Mark Petrucci

Evidence Cart: If an evidence cart will be used during trial, counsel should contact the Bailiff or Staff Attorney no later than one week prior to the trial date to reserve one. Attorneys unfamiliar with the Court’s courtroom technology are encouraged to contact the Court’s IT staff at 614-525-7587 to schedule a tutorial session.