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To request a transcript from an Official Court Reporter and/or the JAVS (Audio/Video equipment), please complete the attached form and forward it to the address listed below:


Assignment Office
Attn: Transcript Request
345 S. High St.-2nd Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215


If you have any questions pertaining to this form, please contact Patti Harrison at (614) 525-5326.

Transcript Fee Rates

Civil Cases - Effective May 16, 2017
Original Transcript$6.25 per page
Paper Copy$0.08 per page
Electronic Copy No charge

Criminal Cases - Effective January 1,2017
Original Transcript $4.75 per page
Paper Copy $0.08 per page
Electronic Copy No charge

Other Civil or Criminal Rates
Production of civil or criminal proceedings in the following circumstances shall be at a rate negotiated with the court reporter and approved by the trial judge:
Rough draft; or
Realtime feed.

Purchasing and Payment
Copies of a transcript are only available once an original transcript has been purchased.

Payment(s) shall be arranged at the time a transcript is ordered.

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