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Judge Julie M. Lynch

Common Pleas Courthouse, Courtroom 7E
345 S. High St., 7th Floor
Columbus, Oh 43215
Tel: 614-525-3777
Fax: 614-525-2462
Local Rules
Clerk of Courts' on-line records

Who to call . . .when you need . . .

Stacey Thomas
general court information.

Wilma Graeff
to inquire about procedures and processes in any criminal matters before the court.

Valerie Swanson
Staff Attorney
to inquire about any pending civil matters before the court or to report settlement of a civil case.

Tammy Luchini
Court Reporter
to order transcripts.

Jennifer Hunt
to inquire about scheduling mediation, magistrate trials, or damages hearings.

Civil Litigation Preferences
(for info on criminal procedures and preferences, please call the Judge’s bailiff)
Counsel to follow the Local Rules. All Pre-Trials or other court conferences are held at 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise specifically noted in the order.
Pre-Trial statements required as provided for under the Civil/Local Rules. No attendance by telephone. Parties not required to attend unless otherwise ordered. Counsel shall come with full settlement authority.
Motion Practice
Page limits enforced. Leave to exceed will be granted only in limited circumstances.
Parties are required to engage in resolution of disputes pursuant to the Civil Rules. Should communications reach an impasse, contact the staff attorney; the court will then refer the matter to the magistrate.
Settlement Conferences
Can be arranged at any stage in the proceedings before the magistrate.
Continuances or Amended Case Schedules
For good cause shown. Submit an appropriate judgment entry after getting dates from the staff attorney.
Full set of jury instructions should be emailed to the secretary by the morning of trial. Jury trials may be referred to magistrate with consent of all parties in order to obtain a date certain.