Juvenile Probation Department
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 The Juvenile Probation Department assesses delinquent juveniles appearing before the Court, creates treatment plans, and monitors youth under Court supervision. The objective is to provide access to community based services with built in incentives to guide the child and family in a positive direction. Constructive altering of behavior in delinquent youth will reduce recidivism and contribute to the safety of the community. As juvenile offenders accept responsibility for their actions and work to obtain positive goals, they gain the opportunity to become productive members of their community.

The Probation Department is composed of 6 units. The Pre-Sentence Investigation unit provided the Court with 791 complete social history reports with recommendations for Court action. They also produced 31 bindover investigations in the year 2000. Family records amassed by the Probation and Protective Services Departments are conscientiously maintained by the Central Record room staff. The Court ordered 2005 juveniles to probation supervision last year. Risk to self and community, individual needs, and geographical location determine which of the four probation units served the youth. The Intensive Probation Supervision, General Probation (2 units), and Special Services Unit utilize supervision and community agency programming as their main tools in working with offenders and families. In the year 2000 POs made over 100,000 probation related contacts and almost 2000 agency referrals were made on behalf of clients. The Court working closely with the community can bring about positive change in youthful offenders. 

The Probation Department conducts Presentence Investigation and is responsible for probation supervision of adjudicated delinquents of Franklin County.

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