Domestic Magistrates
(614) 525-3202

Gina Palmer, Administrative Magistrate

Nancy Novack, Lead Domestic Magistrate

David Black
Bryan Elliot
Stephanie Gibson
Laney Hawkins
Kathleen Knisely
Darrolyn Krippel

Suzanne Martello
Jill Matthews
Olga Bosques Milliken
William Sieloff
Marci Webber
Marcia Zand

The Domestic Relations Magistrates assist the Judges in handling divorce and dissolution of marriage caseloads. The Magistrates hear pre-decree and post-decree motions, issue temporary orders and decisions on various motions, hold oral hearings for temporary orders on matters such as vacating the marital residence, allocation of parental rights, modifications of support, visitation, and parental rights. They also process procedural motions and related matters arising out of divorce and dissolution proceedings, such as civil contempt actions to enforce the orders of the Court. In addition, six of the domestic magistrates are assigned to hear custody, parental rights and parenting time cases, support and related issues in cases originating in the Juvenile Branch of the court. Privately filed parentage cases and support cases are also heard by a domestic magistrate.

The Judges review the decisions of the Magistrates.